A Road through a Forest

Jack Kruf

There are not so many articles which highlight and elaborate so well the impact of ‘a road trough a forest’ and the damage done to the ecosystems, their biodiversity and resilience. Scale (of an area) biodiversity and resilience are always narrowly related. Most of us forget or are not aware. You simply cannot cut nature into smaller areal pieces and separate them by roads of housing without an immense loss. Nature needs scale to flourish. And in this logic and principals there is no place for human roads.

The article shows how legal and governmental systems – it is the politics that drives the direction – can interact and where inconsistencies can be detected related to earlier promises and protection agreements. It is a compact description how these developments can lead to expected great loss of wild life. We’ve seen many many examples of this way of working before. Nature most of the time needs to make place for human development.

A road through a forest is here not a good plan. The essence – in our view – is that good public governance needs an holistic approach in strategy, implementation and enforcement, with mainly longer term thinking, simply because nature is connected with time. In this article  the short term commercial and political gains or wins are disconnected from the high public values of the ecosystems involved.

Brazilian road proposal threatens famed biodiversity hotspot