Aspen Green

Pantone® 17-0215 TPG

A true colour from the forest, based on the Aspen tree species – the poplars – developed by Pantone® and part of Forest Select by the Civitas Naturalis Foundation to inspire designers in the use of the colours of the forest. The colour Pantone® 17-0215 TPG has an RGB value 131 154 121 and a hex/html value #839a79.

Marketeer Daniel Swanick on the explanation by The Pantone Color Institute related to a carmaker: “Green is the colour of balance and growth. Yet, it can mean both self-reliance as a positive and possessiveness as a negative. Peaceful forest was inspired by, well, the forest. In a forest full of greenery, we experience a recharging of the body’s lost balance and energy.” KIA decided to use Pantone® Aspen Green.

KIA car image with color Pantone® 17-0215 TPG.