Atheneum Belvédère

Deze pagina bevat een selectie van publicaties die direct zijn gerelateerd aan Belvédère onderzoek en onderwijs. Zij zijn geordend aflopend naar datum. Zij zijn ook vindbaar op de productpaginaThis page contains a selection of publications directly related to Belvédère research and education. They are arranged descending by date. They can also be found on the product page.

Civitas Navigation Report 2023

From earlier quantitative and qualitative analyses by PRIMO Europe and UDITE in the last decade, this new research in 2021/2022 has been carried out by Civitas Naturalis Foundation*. The drive of this study was to better understand what is going on at the local level related to navigating the communities from a practitioner’s perspective. Civitas […]

The colours of navigation

Colours play an important role in navigation. Here are some, chosen for the ‘Pantone Color of the Year’ with philosophy and arguments. They tell us exactly were we are in time and place and hint at speed and direction These colours has become part of our common history and function as orientating points from which to […]

Survey ‘Understanding Public Governance’

Today Stichting Civitas Naturalis launched an international survey among strategists, controllers, managers and advisers in the public sector. From earlier quantitative and qualitative analyse on the relevant elements of governance (Kruf et al. 2019), that for the creation and delivery for a public value, as defined by Moore (1995), an actor (read government) and an […]