Availability of art work

Civitas Naturalis Foundation takes care for the CINETONE® frameworks registration, trademarking, development, marketing and application. To support this by focused investments some of the results of the dialogues and expressions – related to diagnosing the complex issues and themes – become available as fine art print. Some examples:

The idea for bringing the results outside the room in which they were born and make them available as fine art print for the public was born in the spring session 2022 of one of the groups. The group experienced their results as a form of art and considered their time and knowledge also as an investment in diagnosis techniques. The group wanted to encourage thorough time for reflection and thought on the major issues in our public domain of society and nature. Sharing the knowledge is a way to do this.

The margin of profit is at the end strongly related to the quality of printing in casu material costs and the craftsmanship needed for production, transport and marketing.

The group aimed at a 15% margin of the sales price, which should be directly donated for the further development of the framework. The board already agreed. It will be elaborated. The intension is to launch this concept at the beginning of 2023. We thank Aina, Bob, Eric, Freark, Jackie, Lene, Peter, Sophie, Suzanne en Walter for their thoughts and warm recommendations.