Ecosystem City


This book is about diagnosing the city. For that, the city is considered an ecosystem, like a forest. The city is regarded as a metaphor for society. It combines scientific discoveries, art impressions and practical insights to come to a holistic diagnosis of the city’s dynamics and diversity.

This can lead to a better understanding of values and their related issues and risks. It can offer the possibility of more integrated public governance because of the ecosystem approach.

Collecting and writing this book has been inspired by the sensed need by many governours and managers of public and private organisations to overcome segmentation and fragmentation in the governance of society. The natural forest offers excellent possibilities for finding connections and integrations.

Breda, 21 June 2023,

Jack Kruf


The chapters and articles of this e-book will be subject to change during the development phase of this book in 2023 and early 2024. It is a step-by-step elaboration and open approach based on progressing insights and suggestions or corrections by the co-readers.

Cover ‘Ecosystem City: Lessons from the Forest’.


I dedicate this book to Marij. Only through her love, care and warmth was this possible.

I hope that some wisdom will find its way into the daily life of my daughters Renée, Michelle and Louise, my sons-in-law Jelmer, Ludo and Cas and my grandchildren Sam, Sebas, Nine and Jochem.

In dear memory of my parents, Corry Huiszoon and Ad Kruf, who allowed me to discover the world and develop myself. I thank my dear sister Marlies who has always been at my side.