Forest Biome

Pantone® Forest Biome 19-5230 TPG

Forest Biome is a dark green. Formally the forest biome is a biological community that is dominated by trees and other woody vegetation (Spurr, 1980). It refers to a large scale area of forested land with a variety of trees. There are three major types of forests: tropical rainforest, temperate forest and boreal forest (taiga). 

Forest Biome is developed by Pantone® and is part of the Forest Select by Civitas Naturalis Foundation to inspire designers in the use of the colours of the forest. Pantone® 15-6423 TPG has an RGB value 52 86 84 and a hex/html value #345654.


Spurr, S.H., Barnes, B.V. (1980). Forest Ecology. New York: John Wiley & Sons.