Global Resilient Cities Network

Global Resilient Cities Network | 2019

The 100 Resilient Cities network continues its goals under the provisional name: Global Resilient Cities Network (GRCN). The year 2019 has been a year of great change.

100 cities from around the world came together under the name 100 Resilient Cities (100RC) at the Urban Resilience Summit in Rotterdam. Rotterdam, as one of the 100 Resilient Cities, acted as the host city because of its exemplary role as a resilient city.

From medio 2019, the 100RC network will continue under the provisional name: Global Resilient Cities Network (GRCN). GRCN is leading the global conversation on building resilient cities, or in other words making cities resilient and future-proof, to accelerate climate action and social and economic resilience, among other things.

Building the future

The GRCN will actively work to design the future of the network in such a way that it is city-led, financially sustainable and impactful. It will also seek funders for projects that increase the social and economic resilience of cities and better protect them from climate change. In addition, work, including funding for projects, will come more from the cities themselves.

Urban resilience demands that cities look holistically at their capacities and their risks, including through meaningful engagement with the most vulnerable members of a community. This is not easy work.

GRCN’s goal is to integrate its way of working towards urban resilience outcomes, measure its collective contribution to global goals and develop various partnerships that will sustain the network for years to come.

Large scope

The scope of the 100RC network, now GRCN, is vast. It is not only about adaptation to the changing climate, in which Rotterdam plays an exemplary role with its water squares, but also about social and economic resilience, as well as energy transition and security. Meanwhile, many cities worldwide are convinced that the concept of a resilient city is a valuable one.

Strong network

The 100RC network was initially pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation. Its contribution in recent years was to get the global network off the ground with the aim of making cities more resilient through collaboration. It has succeeded, with the city network gaining value, expanding and growing stronger. Cities recognise that they are learning from each other and cities continue to join the network. To that end, the Rockefeller Foundation is winding down its contribution. The network is thus entering a new phase.