Public Risk Canon

Jack Kruf* | 2023

This web-book contains a selection of publications and initiatives where public values and risks meet. It is organised as a canon over the period 1962-2023 with perspectives, ideas and images related to public stewardship and public risk governance throughout the years.

This canon actually is not about public risks. It is about public values and the feeling or thinking of loosing them. It is not the ambition to be complete, but it is a personal selection in the first place. It illuminates key points where insights, hindsights and foresights were tested, even sometimes shattered and after reflection were reset. It represents moments of growth and enrichment, which influenced and encouraged me in my personal contribution to good governance throughout the years.

The myriad of wisdoms, hindsights and foresights is impressively and incredibly wide. It is in fact an ocean full of information. I always believed that they should not be floating around, but somehow be interlinked across the boundaries of sciences and craftsmanships and be brought together and compressed into one contract between government, bank, business and NGO’s on one hand and the citizen, society and nature on the other hand: the annual strategy/budget plan. It is the place where the clockwork of our society actually is running.


– 2023 –

AR6 Synthesis Report Climate Change 2023

Global Risks Report 2023

– 2022 –

Future Shocks 2022

– 2021 –

The UK Government Resilience Framework


The Global Risks Report 2021

– 2019 –

Global Resilient Cities Network

Resilient Cities Catalyst

– 2015 –

Sustainable Development Goals

Is the end of risk management near?

– 2014 –

Simpler: The Future of Government

– 2013 –

Think Tank ‘From Global to Local’

Thinking, Fast and Slow

100 Resilient Cities

If Mayors Ruled the World

– 2012 –

Risk Culture: Under the Microscope Guidance for Boards

Fukushima report

– 2010 –

Seizing the day

– 2009 –

Systems Thinking for Curious Managers

ISO 31000

– 2008 –

Global Risks Report 2008

Uncertain safety

Thinking in Systems

– 2007 –

The new Danish guide on Risk Leadership

Risk Management: It’s Not Rocket Science – It’s Much More Complicated.

The risk management divide: public and private sector

Risk Management at the Edge of Three Worlds

– 2006 –

Global Risks Report 2006

An Inconvenient Truth

“Long history of corporate governance puts UK in the lead”

Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change

– 2005 –

Risk Governance: towards and integrative approach

PRIMO: Founded by local chief executives in Europe

Global Risks to the Business Environment

– 2003 –

Emerging Systemic Risks in the 21st Century

– 2001 –

Nørby Committee’s Report

– 2000 –

Millennium Development Goals

Common Assessment Framework (CAF)

– 1999 –

Shorten the odds

– 1995 –

Creating Public Value

– 1992 –

Agenda 21

Cadbury Report

– 1987 –

Brundtland Report

– 1985 –


– 1983 –

Comparative risk analysis of technological hazards (a review)

– 1979 –

INTERFUTURES: Facing the future

The environment and bilateral development aid

– 1974 –

Judgment under Uncertainty: Heuristics and Biases

– 1972 –

The Limits to Growth

– 1971 –

Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)

– 1970 –

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

– 1962 –

Silent Spring

I dedicate this web-book Public Risk Canon to Marij. Only through here love, care and warmth this was possible.

I hope that some of the wisdoms will find their way to the daily life of my daughters Renée, Michelle and Louise, my sons-in-law Jelmer, Ludo and Cas and my grandchildren Sam, Sebas, Nine and Jochem.

In dear memory of my parents Corry Huiszoon and Ad Kruf, who gave me the chances in life to discover the world and to develop myself. I thank my dear sister Marlies who has always been at my side.

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