Quadruple Helix (grid)

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€ 145,00

This rectangle archival pigment print of a colourful (Pantone®) mosaic expression is perfect for a modern and fresh look in home and office interiors. It is a reminder on the wall, that cooperation between different people and organisations can lead to a diverse palette.

Dimensions: 40 x 40 cm

Limited Cinetone® edition

Signed Artist Proof

Made in Breda, The Netherlands

Designed by Jack Kruf for Civitas Naturalis foundation

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  • The quadruple helix has become a metaphor for optimal cooperation between families of organisations, being government, science, education and business.
  • Involved organisations are government (blue), business (yellow), education (red) and science (green). White are the organisations which have not signed up for collaboration.
  • Colours are from Pantone®. Note: the perceived colour on your screen may differ from printed colours.
  • All proceeds benefit the Civitas Naturalis Foundation (many thanks for that).
  • For more information on this work, go to Quadruple Helix.

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