Survey ‘Understanding Public Governance’

Today Stichting Civitas Naturalis launched an international survey among strategists, controllers, managers and advisers in the public sector.

From earlier quantitative and qualitative analyse on the relevant elements of governance (Kruf et al. 2019), that for the creation and delivery for a public value, as defined by Moore (1995), an actor (read government) and an object (read citizen and society) interact, such related to factors, like the concerning issue and the environment.

This study is a next step in not only testing the set of determinants (in questions) for local public authorities as they are found applicable for small countries, but also to have a direct inside look from the perspective of advisers to governing council or the board, project managers, strategists and policy makers, controllers on their own projects and plans. It leads to a suggestion for the expansion of the framework into connections it with solving governance issues.

The instrument is used in training and worship settings and approved an excellent instrument for diagnosis and dialogue on governance related matters. The framework is tested in daily practice of teams within local public organisations. Which determinants can be derived from the set of data, that play a role in managing public issues in the present, create solutions for the future by mitigating public risks.

It needs to be mentioned that all answers were given anonymously to prevent downward pressure from the ‘boss’ to give the so called ‘wanted’ answers. Respondents said they felt totally free to share their convictions. In fact we follow the essence of the High Reliability Organisation concept (Weick et al, 2007) by putting the knowledge and experience of employees in the very centre and work from there.

We will use FORTE Framework® core questionnaire (23 questions) to collect and MAXQDA statistical program to analyse the data.


Kruf, J., Grima, S., Kizilkaya, M., Spiteri, J., Slob, W. and O’Dea, J. (2019) ‘The PRIMO FORTE Framework for Good Governance in Public, Private and Civic Organisations: An Analysis on Small EU States’, European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXII, Issue 4, 15-34 DOI: 10.35808/ersj/1494

Moore, M. (1995) Creating Public Value: Strategic Management in Government. Cambridge US: Harvard University Press

Weick, K. and Sutcliffe, K. (2007) Managing the unexpected: Resilient performance in an age of uncertainty. San Francisco, CA: Jossey Bass