The Risk Management Handbook

A Practical Guide to Managing the Multiple Dimensions of Risk (2nd edition)

David Hillson* (ed.) | 2023, Kogan Page

The Risk Management Handbook offers readers knowledge of current best practices and cutting-edge insights into new developments within risk management.

Risk management is dynamic, with new risks continually being identified and risk techniques adapting to new challenges. Drawing together leading voices from the major risk management application areas, such as political, supply chain, cybersecurity, ESG and climate change risk, this edited collection showcases best practices in each discipline and provides a comprehensive survey of the field as a whole.

This second edition has been updated throughout to reflect the latest developments in the industry. It incorporates content on updated and new standards such as ISO 31000, MOR and ISO 14000. It also offers brand new chapters on ESG risk management, legal risk management, cyber risk management, climate change risk management and financial risk management. Whether you are a risk professional wanting to stay abreast of your field, a student seeking a broad and up-to-date introduction to risk, or a business leader wanting to get to grips with the risks that face your business, this book will provide expert guidance.

“An opportunity to learn from the risk world’s best thinkers in one easy to navigate handbook. This will become your go to guide for pivotal risk responses, with useful pointers on next steps and emerging risk issues.”

– Clare Ball, Director of Internal Audit, Risk Assurance & Insurance, Babcock International Group, UK

Key features at a glance

  • Covers all the main application areas of risk management in business, including cyber, financial, and political risks.
  • Collates cutting-edge contributions from recognised experts in specific application areas, outlining best practices and hot topics in risk management.
  • It uses a consistent framework to allow readers to compare practice in each area and apply insights easily.
  • New to this edition: new chapters on ESG risk, legal risk, climate change risk and financial risk; refreshed material on updated and new standards such as ISO 31000, M_o_R and ISO 14000.
  • Reviews the key challenges that affect risk professionals, addressing issues like communicating uncertainty, decision-making, resilience, change management, risk culture and risk leadership.


Hillson, D. (ed.) (2023) The Risk Management Handbook: A Practical Guide to Managing the Multiple Dimensions of Risk (2nd edition). London: Kogan Page.

About the authors

  • David Hillson is an international risk management consultant leading The Risk Doctor Partnership, based on his worldwide network with other risk experts. He is the author of eleven books, including Managing Risk in Projects (Gower) and The Risk Doctor’s Cures for Common Risk Ailments (Management Concepts Press).
  • Dr Richard Barber: Managing Director, RiskIQ.
  • Dr Lynda Bourne: CEO and Managing Director, Stakeholder Management Pty Ltd and Director of Professional Development, Mosaic Project Services.
  • Dr Veronica Bowman: Statistician, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory.
  • Dr Ariane Chapelle: Honorary Reader in Operational Risk, University College London.
  • Ian Clark: Principal, 4Thought Associates.
  • Linda Conrad: Head of Strategic Business Rick, Zurich Insurance, Global Corporate.
  • Dr Dale F. Cooper: Director, Broadleaf Capital International.
  • Alex Hindson: Chief Risk Officer, Argo Group.
  • Dr Greg Ker-Fox: Founder, FoxCo Risk.
  • Robert McKellar: Director, Harmattan Risk.
  • Giusi Meloni: Partner, The Project Management Lab.
  • Dr Ruth Murry-Webster: Director, Change Portfolio for Associated British Ports Ltd.
  • Ben Rendle: Managing Director, Riosca Limited.
  • Edward Sankey: Director, Larocourt Risk.
  • Dr Erica Seville: Co-leader, Resilient Organizations.
  • Dr Keith Smith: Consultant, RiskCovered.
  • Magda Stepanyan: Founder and CEO, Risk Society.
  • Liz Taylor: Managing Partner, Liz Taylor Risk Consulting.
  • Robert Toogood: Founder, Project Systems Support.
  • Daniel Wagner: CEO, Country Risk Solutions.
  • Patrick Weaver: Managing Director, Mosaic Project Services Pty Ltd.
  • Arif Zaman: Executive Director, Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Network.