The Tree and the Liane

The Tree and the Liane. © Civitas Naturalis

One of the core determinants in the diagnosis of the public domain is the interaction or relation between players on the canvas. In our approach – that of the designed and developed framework Cinetone® – is it the interaction between organisations which have an involved position in the cause or governance of the issue or challenge before us.

Understanding the exact interaction – or in this case a combination of interactions – is key for proper diagnosis where we are now and subsequently for navigation and decisions hereto related.

This design is the story of a tree and a liane. Who benefits from who, when and why? They are real but also metaphors. Can the tree and the liane be replaced by two different organisations? Or can they even be considered as a metaphor of two types of leaders, or even existing humans. It is not so difficult to imagine, isn’t it?

We think as foundation this substitution is entirely possible, because of the universal character of ecological interactions. There are in the basic patterns only seven existing in nature, no more, no less. And the public domain escorts under the domain of nature.

It is part of transect by Roelof Oldeman: “La liane perchée sur le Terminalia amazonia à une hauteur d’environ 35 mètres appartient probablement à la famille des Polygonacées.” (Oldeman, (1974a). Curation and colour selection by Jack Kruf.


Oldeman, R.A.A. (1974a, 2nd ed.). L’architecture de la forêt guyanaise. Mémoires ORSTOM, 73.